What the Knocker-Upper Woke Up combines the darkness of both the modern era and times past into an atmospheric paranormal. The story starts in Victorian-era London as it follows a few characters who stumble upon the darkness awaiting in a derelict mental asylum. Fast forward to present day, and the evil of the place continues to cause trouble for the characters of the present.

The writing style here is both rich and evocative in describing the creepiness of the Sideways and its inhabitants. Tess and the other characters are likable and easy to root for, but I did feel like this one was a bit slower to develop. (However, as I usually prefer breakneck pace, I think this is definitely a personal preference. 😂) The ending was unexpected though, and I thought it perfectly wrapped up this spooky paranormal. Recommended for fans of unique, well-written YA paranormal.


As a fellow not-morning person, being woken up at an ungodly hour is probably my villain origin story too.
Just sayin.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This sounds awesome!

    And LOL uh oh, I guess we should all fear if someone wakes you up too early.
    Hayley’s Villain Origin Story: Book 1. lol

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