Just a little artwork done by myself and others inspired by The Gatekeeper of Pericael! If you have any fanart, I’d LOVE to post it with your permission (and crediting you, of course.) Or, if you have a request for any characters you’d like me to draw (with my limited art skills), I’d love to acquiesce. Hope you enjoy!

Porter, Ames, & Fira commissioned by @staphydrawsart_!

Porter, Ames, and Fira commissioned from @sherizui

An alternate cover made by yours truly on Canva!
Porter and Fira commissioned by @m00nramen_art

As the son of the Gatekeeper, Porter spends most of his afternoons practicing his spell rings in dangerous parallel universe of Pericael, but he’d much rather be playing soccer.
Artwork by Dear Venison (left), Laura Maybrooke (center), and TheHeroChao (right.)

Fira is a fierce warrior girl who knows just what it takes to survive in the jungles of Pericael.
Artwork by Satyr’s Art (left) and @Eve_Draws (right).

Porter’s cousin, Ames, thought magic was just a fantasy until he got a peek through the door in Porter’s basement. It’s a dream come true for this Star Wars geek. If only Porter would just chill out!
Art by @lyticia_art

Fira’s sister, Conri, is the Jamae-ti (spirit child) of her village and a powerful shaman. Though still a teenager, she serves as voice of reason for her hotheaded sister. (Minor note: her hair is white in the book)
Art by @TheKipKup

Fira and Porter have a… strained relationship. 😅
Art by Kasumi

Aesthetic pictures courtesy of Pixabay
Temporary Cover
Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Initial Character Sketches of Porter, Ames, Fira, and Conri by Yours Truly