Updates & Teasers

The latest and greatest on my third completed book, a fun YA Romantic Suspense,
Codename: CNDLRA.

To get into a secret agent university, Lane will have to ace her first mission protecting a royal family in tropical paradise. But her mentor hates her, her partner is checked out, and even the gorgeous island boy is hiding something.

College applications are the worst.

This is my first non-fantasy book, and it’s definitely taken me out of my comfort zone, but it’s been so much fun to write! I’ve started querying, but I’m so enjoying this character art while I wait! (I’m not expecting one of the request responses until roughly June 2022… so I could be waiting awhile. 😅)

I can’t get over how cute Lane and Teddy are in this piece by @KasUmiii03!

Lane Rodriguez: Brand new Ghost Agent on her first assignment, candidate for the highly competitive Anubis International University, and just another high school senior trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life… if only the handsome island boy would stop distracting her.
Art by Oteymouse (left) and Artelsia (right)

When Lane runs into Teddy, a laid-back, handsome islander, she thinks she’s found the perfect source for intel… but even he seems to be hiding something.

Art by Enclair.
Lane reimagined in a vintage comic cover. How cool is that?! Thanks so much to Lefty’s Comics for the art!
Aesthetic pictures courtesy of Pixabay and Unsplash.
Temporary Cover Photo courtesy of Alex Perez at Unsplash.