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Thanks so much for stopping by! Here you’ll find links to my published work, novel excerpts, a little flash fiction, character art, and updates on my works in progress. And if you’re looking for my book review blog, you can find it here.


Into the Churn
A romantic YA sci-fi adventure

One idealistic terraforming intern, one jaded ex-prodigy, one deadly race, one grand prize that could save their backwater planet, one mysterious death that could unravel everything… and falling for your race partner really doesn’t help.

Order from Whimsical Publishing with my rep code (CHOW) to get a discount or snag the ebook from Amazon here!

The complete Odriel’s Heirs Series

Odriel’s Heirs
2020 Winner of the Florida Author Project sponsored by BiblioBoard & Library Journal
Wishing Shelf Book Award Bronze Medalist
Literary Titan Gold Award Winner
5th Place Finalist in the 2021 Book Blogger Novel of the Year Awards

A demon necromancer looms, her father is dead, her healer is MIA, the handsome shadow twister hates her, and even the cat is snarky.  She may be a bullied fire-wielder with rage issues, but this is going to be rough.

Burn the dead. Light the dark.

Burning Shadows
Odriel’s Heirs #1.5 (Novella)

Faced once again with humanity’s brutality, Kaia will have to discover what she’s willing to sacrifice to protect her people… and if it will be enough.

There are worse things than the undead…

Idriel’s Children
Odriel’s Heirs Book II
2021 Page Turner Award Finalist

With the power of shadow, Aza walks a realm of beckoning wraiths. But when a dangerous new breed of undead attacks, Aza must dive deeper into the Shadow Plane to root out the source.

But the deeper she goes… the less likely it is she’ll come back.

Night of Ash
Odriel’s Heirs #2.5 (Novella)

Barely healed after the last battle, Aza and her companions once again knock on a magus’s door looking for answers. There, they learn of a dark, apocalyptic plot and rush southward to stop it.

Racing toward a city on the brink of a massacre and still haunted by her past mistakes, Aza will have to learn to trust again if she wants to save anyone at all… including herself.

Time’s Orphan
Odriel’s Heirs Book III

Besieged by war, ravaged by monsters, and crawling with the undead, the land of Okarria is dying. Seventeen-year-old Emara survives by using her modest healing gift to save as many as she can while eluding the invaders who thirst for her enchanted blood.

But when an assassination attempt goes horrifically awry, and Emara is thrown far into the past, she must discover how deep her powers go, what she can change… and what she cannot.

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited here!

The Gatekeeper of Pericael
A fast-paced, middle-grade portal fantasy.
2022 Book Blogger Novel of the Year Awards Semi-Finalist
2021 Page Turner Award Finalist
B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

Bloodthirsty monsters, meddling spirits & a soul-stealing murderer…. The parallel world of Pericael isn’t exactly a dream come true, but when your mom’s the portal’s guardian, some after-school activities are more dangerous than others.

In Pericael, no one stays out after dark.

Works in progress

Title: TBA
Young Adult Romantic Adventure
Novel Status:

Acquired by Whimsical Publishing!
Details to come!

The Ninth Circle
Young Adult Paranormal
Novel Status: Revising with my Write Hive Mentor, EJ Dawson! 🎉
Goal: Querying in late 2023

Inky & Heater IRL
Contemporary YA Romance
Novel Status: Querying!🎉

Into the Churn Book #2
YA Sci-fi
Novel Status: Drafting
Goal: Revision in August!

Coauthor Project with E.P. Stavs
YA Cozy Paranormal
Novel Status: Drafting
Goal: 1st Draft Complete by Fall

Untitled YA Fantasy
Novel Status: Plotted

Untitled YA Scifi
Novel Status: Plotted

Untitled NA Romance
Novel Status: Plotted

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