UPDATES and teasers

Here you’ll find the latest scoop on my fifth completed novel, Into the Churn!

Scorpio Races x Hunger Games x Skyward

Ezren’s an idealistic rookie trying to save her terraforming lab.

Foster’s a jaded & grieving ex-prodigy trying to remember why he races at all.

Together, they must run, drive, & fight through the system’s deadliest race…

And falling in love really isn’t helping.

Into the Churn is a romantic, dual-POV science fiction, inspired heavily by my experiences as a collegiate fencer and ultramarathon runner. I’m super pumped with the beta feedback on my first dual-POV science fiction and can’t wait to share with everyone!

I’ve started querying now, but I’m imagine I’ll probably have an update on self-pub date in 2023! (Ah yes, per the usual, I just ooze confidence 😂). But you know how I love passing the time with some art! 😊

Ezren and Foster made from Artbreeder by yours truly!

Ezren and Foster commissioned by @stephydrawsart_!

So I may have gotten a little carried away making mock Canva covers. 😅 If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments!