I started my publishing journey in 2019 when I submitted some of my short and flash fiction to a handful of online magazines and publishers. I focus almost exclusively on novels now, but here are my shorter works if you’re interested in quick read!

Short Stories

Saving Sloane
A hapless would-be knight attempts to “rescue” a rude warrior-princess who only wishes to be left in peace. (Part of Rogue Blades Entertainment’s omnibus, As You Wish!)

The Third Eye
A near future sci-fi tale of a girl coming to grips with a new diagnosis.

Wild Demand
A darkly humorous tale of speed-dating gone wrong.

Hidden in the Deep
A dark science fiction tale of a submarine crew grappling with life in a post-apocalyptic world.

Flash Fiction

Memories of Lilies
Ever googled an old flame?

An Old Mind
And a shadowy secret.

A Stranger’s Memory
Do you still recognize yourself?

Welcome Home
Based on an airman’s story snagged in my thoughts.

Thanks again for reading! I hope you enjoyed the stories, and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 😊