Audiobook Review – It Happened One Summer

This one wasn’t my cup of a tea, so it’s a little tough for me to review.

I love a good dual-POV romance, and I loved Legally Blonde, so I thought this would be a good fit. Piper is definitely your “Legally Blonde” type, but I don’t think she’s quite as lovable or redeeming as Elle Woods. She comes a long way though, and I was definitely cheering for her at the end.

Meanwhile, Brendan is kind of your standard brooding, romance hero / sea captain, but their relationship seems to be based on 90% physical attraction. Which I think I could have rolled with, but there is a *lot* of smut in this book. Like I felt like most of the second half is just smut… which, personally, kind of bores me when it doesn’t advance the plot in any way. I once heard someone use the term anatomy-level smut, and that seems pretty accurate for this book. Plus there’s also a lot of dirty talk, which for me, is kind of like including original song lyrics in a book. They don’t seem to ever come across the page right, and it just comes out cringe. Or maybe that’s because I was listening to the audiobook?

Either way, the ratio of smut to plot was too high for me, but if you’re into all that though, this could definitely be the book for you!


Eh… this one’s a pass for me.

Thanks for reading!

Audiobook Review – Life’s too Short

Five glowing stars. This is one of the audiobooks that made me HAPPY to get stuck in traffic. Officially a Abby Jimenez fan.

Okay so I read Jimenez’s The Friend Zone #1, and I liked it well enough, but I *loved* this book. The premise was thought-provoking, the characters are so loveable and grow so much, and Jimenez’s writing style and dual-POV voices are incredibly fun. I was SO worried how this book was going to end, and the pay off (while maybe a tad convenient) was amazing. The only thing I’m extremely concerned about it is that there are currently only 5 Abby Jimenez books in the world right now and that is not NEARLY enough. The audiobook is excellent, but PLEASE, someone make this movie.

(Also this book totally stands alone. I’ve read #1, but haven’t read #2 yet.)


HUGE heart for this one. Definitely one of my favorite reads this year so far.

Thanks for reading!

Book Review – A Forest of Grimm Desires

So first of all, I just love EP Stavs writing. It’s fast-paced, fun, and it sucks me right into the story every time. This one is probably one of my favorite reads from her. I love the Grimm-based world she created here, and the voicey characters practically popped from the page. Honestly, it reminded me of a mature Ella Enchanted, and I was SO here for it. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a fairytale retelling equal parts dark and quirky fun with a pop of spice.


I love when a book turns out to be a fresh, unexpected surprise!

Thanks for reading!

Book Review – Stars Begin to Burn

This was a fun urban fantasy with a unique dual POV between Riley, a shifter waiting to come into her powers, and Riley’s mom, who’s searching for Riley’s dad after he’s been abducted. The magic and world of the shifters and elementalists seamlessly fits into our own, and I really enjoyed Riley’s authentic YA voice as she she struggles to understand her powers and the people around her. The dynamics between Riley and the other characters kept me guessing and definitely made me curious to see what would happen next. There were a few times I did get frustrated with Riley, but there was a clear explanation of why she was acting that way. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a fast-paced YA Urban Fantasy that’s easy to get into.


Thumbs up for this YA fantasy, and definitely curious to read more by Shelby Elizabeth!

Thanks for reading!

Audiobook Review – The Soulmate Equation

Loved this one! Totally sucked me in. The voice is fun and light, and I loved the main characters, Jess and River. Their romance unfolds naturally, and the premise of the science-based matchmaking company added with the fake-dating trope was so fun. I saw the twist coming from a mile away, but it does pose an interesting question that got me thinking and the ending was capital-A Adorable. I liked (but not loved) some of Christina Lauren’s other books (like the Unhoneymooners and Josh & Hazel) but this has by far been my favorite, and had me scrambling for more books by her. 100% recommend to anyone looking for a cute romcom, and I’m SO here for a movie adaption – just saying.


I am HERE for a good romance, and that last scene? SO friggen cute.

Thanks for reading!

Book Review – Revenge of Queen Rose

Another fun middle-grade adventure with the same elements that made the first one so enjoyable. There’s adventure, magic, a fantastical world, and quite a few twists and turns to keep the characters on their toes. I did miss the journey element from the first book, but I liked continuing to get to know the large cast and seeing all of their adventures weave together through their different POVs.


I love me a good, classic middle-grade adventure.

Thanks for reading!

Audiobook Review – Something Wilder

 So after loving The Soulmate Equation, I jumped for more Christina Lauren audiobooks at the library. This second-chance romance didn’t really do it for me though. The characters were cute, but the circumstances of their initial parting were very convenient. Everything just felt a little to cliché for me, and I feel like the big reveal at the end wasn’t as satisfying as I would’ve liked. Overall, a decent listen to pass the time, and if you enjoy western adventure vibes in your romances, you might want to give this one a try, but it felt like there wasn’t a whole lot that set this one apart.


I love me a good trope… but this one was too cliche for me.

Thanks for reading!

Book Review – Dyrwolf

I fear I might’ve been in a bit of a reading slump when I started Dyrwolf, but I did like all the elements. Strong female MC, sweet love interest, great writing, lots of action, interesting world dynamic between the Dyr and humans, and interesting political intrigue—but I think there was just something about the pacing and possibly the chemistry between Lea and Henrik that threw me off just a smidge. Even so, I definitely enjoyed this action-filled fantastical adventure, and would recommend to anyone looking for a fun YA fantasy with a wolfy twist.

I think this book has convinced me that I’m *really* not a paperback person. I’m always losing them, and after spending hours editing, revising, and beta-reading, I really just want to have someone read to me on an audiobook. While I’m not saying I’m moving exclusively to audiobooks… I think the paperback life might be behind me. Which feels weirdly bittersweet for some reason.


Happy trails Dyrwolf!

Thanks for reading!

Audiobook Review – The Box in the Woods

It’s been a while since I’ve read the Truly Devious trilogy, but I remember liking it (except maybe one thing… but I can’t remember what it was—oh well) so when I saw the audiobook pop up in the library, I picked it up. And for the first 50% I was so thrilled with it! Stevie is fun, Nate is my favorite EVER, the writing is voicey and FANTASTIC, and I love the way the present and past intertwine to build the mystery of the cold case.

Then at around 75% I remembered EXACTLY what I didn’t like about the first trilogy, and his name is DAVID. Ugh. While I don’t exactly hate David, I hate how Stevie acts when she’s around him, and honestly I think they make each other worse. The conflict between them seemed a little manufactured, and then I feel like we really didn’t have a resolution to their relationship plotline. Blah.

BUT! Everything else was still excellent. So while I won’t be picking up book 5 (because, ew, David) I’ll definitely be looking into what Maureen Johnson writes next, and I’d still recommend this to fans of the first three books (especially if you don’t mind David.)


Omg. Stevie. Girl. You can do better.

Thanks for reading!

Audiobook Review – Defy the Night

I’m not going to lie. I was scared to read this book, because I don’t trust sequels. I loved Defy the Night SO much, I was so scared the sequel wouldn’t live up to it. But, it did NOT disappoint. Tessa and Corrick are back and facing new troubles in both the kingdom and their relationship that flow well from the first book and make a lot of sense. The new adventure takes us onto a ship (which I love) with a dashing captain (who I also love), and intrigue and twists to spare. The only two things that fell a little flat for me were the third POV (which I won’t spoil) and I did wish that Tessa had more of a stronger role in this book. I felt like she played more of a supporting/pawn role here than in the first book, but I think it’s set up perfectly for her to come into her own big time in book 3. I also loved the narration of the audiobook—couldn’t put it down—and look forward to the third!


Yay for sequels that deliver!

Thanks for reading!