This book had so many elements that I enjoyed. The Italian vibes, the creepy darkness of the prose, and a plot of murder, princes of hell, and witches. I was totally on board. But, the MC, Emilia, kind of ruined it for me. Oh boy. Seriously, I could not Even with her. Though the audiobook was beautifully narrated, there were a couple times I had to pause it because Emilia was killing me. Again. The mental gymnastics she goes through to repeatedly end up at the wrong conclusion was exhausting, and her treatment of Wrath (who saved her life way too many times to count) was not cool. Seriously, run, Wrath. I’m sure there have to be other witch fish in the sea. So, great premise, great writing, but a nonsensical MC I really couldn’t find redeemable. But! That’s just my opinion, so if you’re into dark fantasy with strong Italian flavor, maybe give it a look!


Emilia, girl, seriously, I just can’t with you.

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Audiobook Review – Kingdom of the Wicked

  1. Sounds like a cool book overall, but yeah, I think I’d struggle to read through it too. I enjoy a book more when I like the MCs, so I think I’d struggle with it as a result.

    I like how you take selfies that reflect how you feel about a book. My selfies are bad lol.

    Have a great holiday week! :D.

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