I picked up this mystery on the recommendation of a friend, and definitely enjoyed this modern murder mystery. I liked the main character, Molly’s, unique voice and her moral compass made the narrative interesting to puzzle out. The side characters were all fleshed out well, and even the hotel seemed to have a character of its own from Molly’s eyes. Her growth and resolution were both strong and satisfying, but the only thing that really threw me at the end were a few missing pieces (are there no video cameras in the hotel? No alibis?) that I kind of had to suspend my disbelief for. Overall though I found this to a fun murder mystery with a unique perspective and a few fun twists.


Molly would be *horrified* at the state of my house. I wonder what her hourly rate is?!

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Audiobook Review – The Maid

  1. Awesome review and fun and cool selfie! You have a cool sense of humor too :).

    Sounds like a great book. 😀
    Hope you’re doing well, Hayley!! 🙂 :].

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      1. Oh, I am SO team audiobook. I think it adds such a strong dimension to the story, and plus I can listen while I’m doing chores or driving. Honestly, the only reason I still read ebooks is because most indie books don’t have an audiobook version.


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