Embers of Fate by Michele Quirke was such a sweet continuation of The Fires of Treason. This sequel follows Gregory and Elizabeth as they continue to search for safety after their exile from their royal exile. The same elements I enjoyed from book one are here in force with Elizabeth and Greg’s loyal sibling dynamic as well as the vivid depictions of a medieval life.

But this book also delves into more of a magical bent with the introduction of the Pagans and their prophecy, which was an intriguing addition. The relationship between Elizabeth and Matt was super cute and I loved watching them grow together. Greg too, also undergoes important development as well, though his story definitely seems to take a backseat to Elizabeth’s here. Overall this was a very satisfying read, and ends on a tense note that definitely promises more action in the next installment! Definitely recommended for fans of book 1!


I’m ready for book 3, Michele!

Thanks for reading!