I picked this book after falling completely in love with Darynda Jones’s “A Bad Day for Sunshine.” While this one still sparkled with humor, fabulous banter, and a gutsy, kickass heroine, it didn’t quite capture me like Sunshine. I definitely liked the concept: a sassy grim reaper constantly plagued by the dead to solve their problems uses her powers as a private investigator. I loved finding out more about Charley’s powers and the back and forth with her sidekick, Cookie, but the central “solving a murder” plot seemed less memorable and the insta-love romance from a “bad boy” types didn’t really work for me. (Especially they’re initial meet-cute was just super weird to me) Still, the narration of the audiobook was great, and it kept be interested enough to read the sequel, so I’d definitely still recommend for those looking for a fun, voicey paranormal mystery with a side of bad boy insta-love.


Another quirky, fun story from Darynda Jones!

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3 thoughts on “Audiobook Review – First Grave on the Right

  1. Great review. I loved the Charley Davidson series, they were some of the only laugh out loud books I’ve read in a long time. I haven’t read Sunshine yet but it’s on my list, I’ve heard good things.

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    1. Eek! You HAVE to read her Sunshine Vicram books. Sooo good! Seriously if you like Charley Davidson, it will be right up your alley. Her writing style is just so fun!

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      1. It’s on my list, I’m on a book buying ban this year so I can actually make a dent in my TBR list but I think that Sunshine will be the first I buy when I hit January 1st! 😀


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