So let me preface this by saying I knew within about the first ten pages that this book wasn’t for me. But as it’s so highly rated and recommended, I decided to try to broaden my pedestrian horizons and give it a shot. And I found it… very strange.

If you are reading to soak in the writing and look deeply into the symbiology and themes of a book. This may be for you! The first half essentially follows Piranesi as he wanders through a never-ending house of nature and statues that he reveres unequivocally. There’s a little mystery as we try to figure out where exactly Piranesi is and how he got there, but even though this book is short, this story… Takes… Its… Time.

Piranesi is a strange, innocent sort of character, reverently altered by his strange surroundings, and spends much of the book alone, reading through his journals to try to piece together his memories.

This book has lyrical descriptions with strands of grand themes interwoven into philosophical musings, and in general is unique in its own way. Altogether, I found it interesting, but not gripping, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a literary venture they can think into.


Not really for us, but it could be for you!

Thanks for reading!