Just a quick review for this one since it’s a sequel. The Chase by Evanovich and Goldberg backs in more of the stuff I loved from the first book! All of our favorite characters are back, the action is even more fast-paced than before, and Nick and Kate’s relationship continues to evolve with all the snappy banter you could want. The audiobook narrator is excellent, and I’ll be definitely checking out book 3 from the library. Solid five star heist book. I guess my only quibble is that it wraps up REALLY quick there at the end. While it could work as a stand-alone, I would recommend reading book one for the full effect. Also, for the record, I recommend the first book to my husband, and he also really enjoyed it and plans to read the second one, which is quite the recommendation! But seriously though, someone make these movies already – I neeeed them!!!


Banter-filled heists – give me more!!!

Thanks for reading!