Behind Closed Doors follows Grace in her picture perfect marriage as she recounts how she got in predicament in the first place, through detailed flashbacks.

I was excited to pick up another fast-paced thriller audiobook from the library, and while this book was an easy enough listen, I came away a little disappointed. I really enjoy those thrillers that keep you bouncing around from suspect to suspect, always keeping you guessing, never really knowing what’s coming next, and… that’s not this book.

This book is definitely more slow, methodical kind of thriller. Most of Grace’s attempts of escape are shown via flashback, so since we already know the outcome, I felt like the tension wasn’t as intense as it could’ve been, and the premise kind of required me to suspend my disbelief in kind of strange ways. Jack comes off as a little one-dimensional, and if you’re waiting for a twist… well there isn’t really one.

Behind Closed Doors is an easy read though, a well-narrated audiobook, and has a mostly satisfying conclusion. Overall: a solid thriller that takes it time. (3.5/5)


I’m not sure this one was quite Elsa and I’s speed.

Thanks for reading!