This is Exactly how a thriller should be done! The story follows a father trying to move on after the death of his wife, his young son who is… different, an older detective who investigated the whisper man (a child killer who whispers to children through their windows to gain their trust) decades ago, the detective who’s assigned to the case now, and… the killer. ☠️

This book totally sucked me in, hitting all the right beats. With some deliciously creepy vibes, this book kept me on the toes with quite a few surprises I didn’t see coming. The characters’ wildly different perspectives are great, and I love how it flirted with the paranormal for an extra creepy feel. The overall tone is definitely somber and chilling rather than breakneck thriller, but it still keeps you hanging on every line.

I picked up this audiobook from the library, and the narrator did a fabulous job of bringing this story to life. A perfect weekend read for fall that I would recommend to any and all fans of slow build thrillers and mysteries with a side of spook. And it left me seriously craving more thrillers! More!!!!


A big thumbs up for this creepy thriller! But… if anyone whispers to me through a window, I will probably just keel over right there. 😂

Thanks for reading!