My 5yo LOVES dinosaurs… so we have read lots of dinosaurs books, and this one was an obvious pick for him. So of the six books we picked out and read today on NetGalley, it also wasn’t really a surprise that this was his favorite.

And there was a lot to like in this book! I really liked the colorful dinosaur renderings on each page, and the up-to-date information (like mentioning that T-Rex may have been covered in feathers and showing a picture of what that might look like.) It presented facts that were new to me and gets bonus point for mentioning coprolites (fossils of dinosaur poop) which naturally my 5yo found very interesting.

This book is set up in a simplistic format, with every chapter introduced by a paragraph or two, and then each page in the chapter basically has two dinosaur pictures and short facts about them. Although the facts seemed very loosely related to me, this did not bother my 5yo at all, and I was impressed by the number of dinosaurs shown. My only real nitpick is that I wished they included a pronunciation guide either in the back or on the pages, to help show you how to pronounce the dinosaur names, as we have found that very helpful in other dinosaur books.

Overall, I ranked this #3 out of the 6 NetGalley picture books we read today, but I would definitely recommend to anyone with an avid dinosaur fan on their hands (ages 2-7). Because you can never really have too many dinosaur books.

Thanks so much to NetGalley and the publisher for the free ARC! 

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ½ 

My 5yo said he liked learning about dinosaurs so he liked this book “a whole lot” (shocker) and he ranked it #1 of the 6 NetGalley picture books we read today.

Five-year-old rating:


Two thumbs up. I mean, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? 😂

Thanks for reading!