A Tale of Odriel’s Heirs

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Just as a reminder, Burning Shadows is a direct sequel to Odriel’s Heirs. So beware of Odriel’s Heirs SPOILERS below.

Burning Shadows

Last warning! Odriel’s Heirs spoilers ahead!

Map of Okarria

A Refresher from
Book One of Odriel’s Heirs


Yanaa: The magical energy used by the Heirs, magi, and other magical beings of Okarria. Typically thought to be gifted by Odriel or Idriel.

The Lost: Evil corpses reanimated by a necromancer’s dark yanaa.

Heirs: Guardians of Okarria blessed by Odriel with magical gifts to defeat Idriel and his army of the Lost. Their powers are typically inherited by their eldest children.

Dalteek: The mounts of the Heirs, graced with legendary stamina, winding antlers, and lion-like manes.

Dracour: With the sinuous four-legged body of a dragon, the scaly torso of a man, and a set of murderous horns, the Dracour are the fiercest warriors in the land. The Dracour helped to train Kaia as a girl.


Kaia Dashul: The Dragon Heir with the power of fire.

Klaus Thane: The Shadow Heir with the power of invisibility.

Odriel: The beneficent spirit guide of Okarria. Odriel guides souls from life to death and gifted the original Heirs with their powers.

Idriel: An evil god-like spirit guide, who has twice attacked Okarria with his army of undead. Killed by Kaia and Klaus.

Shadmundar: Spy and servant to a magus, friend to Kaia and Klaus.

Fiola: Skilled in medicine, friend to Kaia and Klaus.

Mackie: A young boy and friend of Kaia’s killed in battle.

Jago: An Heir raised as one of the Lost, and killed by Kaia.

Valente Conrad: Son of Lord Conrad who watched Kaia burn his father alive. Unbeknownst to the Heirs, he was always the one with the power of necromancy, not his father.

Lord Conrad: A noble who (through his son) raised an undead army to (allegedly) try to defeat Idriel’s army of the dead. Killed by Kaia.

Mogens: A sadistic, bounty-hunting mercenary who killed Kaia and Klaus’ grandparents and was responsible for the death of Kaia’s father. Though Kaia killed Mogens, he is blessed by Idriel with an unnatural life as the undead. Obsessed with killing the Heirs.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: The Taste of Ash

Chapter Two: Direfent

Chapter Three: A Parley

Chapter Four: Blood

Chapter Five: Shadows

Chapter Six: A Long Night

Chapter Seven: A Choice

Chapter Eight: Into the West

Chapter Nine: Light the Match

Chapter Ten: A Place to Rest