Just a little artwork done by myself and others inspired by Idriel’s Children! If you have any fanart, I’d LOVE to post it with your permission (and crediting you, of course.) Or, if you have a request for any characters you’d like me to draw (with my limited art skills), I’d love to acquiesce. I’ve also put together playlists for Idriel’s Children and Night of Ash. Hope you enjoy!

Cover art by the talented Dominique Wesson!
The Shadows are Within.

Aza & Makeo made by yours truly via Artbreeder

Zephyr, Hoku, & Witt made by yours via Artbreeder

Makeo and Aza Commissioned from @Stephydrawsart_

Aza and Makeo commissioned from @sherizui

Makeo and Aza commissioned from @m00nramen_art.
Aesthetic for Idriel’s Children

Aza and Makeo fanart by @heromakes!

Makeo and Aza commissioned from @jysn_artstuff
Aza commissioned from @artelsia
Makeo by Keiko
Aza by @gem_draws
Aza by yours truly
Aza by yours truly

Makeo by yours truly

Temporary Teaser Cover Art