Telling stories
fished from the dreamcatcher.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Here you’ll find links to my published work, novel excerpts, a little flash fiction, character art, and updates on my works in progress.

Published works


Odriel’s Heirs
2020 Winner of the Florida Author Project sponsored by BiblioBoard & Library Journal

A demon necromancer looms, her father is dead, her healer is MIA, the handsome shadow twister hates her, and even the cat is snarky.  She may be a bullied fire-wielder with rage issues, but this still won’t be easy.

Burn the dead. Light the dark.

Free on Kindle Unlimited, first chapter sneak-peek available here, and character and fanart here. See the buzz on Goodreads, here!

Short Stories:
Saving Sloane
A hapless would-be knight attempts to “rescue” a rude warrior-princess who only wishes to be left in peace.
(Part of Rogue Blades Entertainment’s omnibus, As You Wish!)

The Third Eye
A near future scifi tale of a girl coming to grips with a new diagnosis.

Wild Demand
A darkly humorous tale of speed-dating gone wrong.

Hidden in the Deep
A dark science fiction tale of a submarine crew grappling with life in a post-apocalyptic world.

Flash Fiction:
An Old Mind
And a shadowy secret.

A Stranger’s Memory
Do you still recognize yourself?

Welcome Home
Based on an airman’s story snagged in my thoughts.

Works in progress

The Gatekeeper of Pericael
Upper Middle Grade Fantasy
Novel Status: Complete! 🥳
Goal: Querying until December(ish) & then prep for self-pub release in Spring 2021

Codename: CNDRLA
Light Young Adult Romantic Suspense
Novel Status: With Proofreader!
Goal: Querying through February (ish) & then prep for self-pub release in Summer 2021

Idriel’s Children
Odriel’s Heirs Book II
Novel Status: With Alpha Readers! Cover art in progress.
Goal: Aiming for 2021 Release

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